André M. Carrington

Ph.D M.Math P.Eng


I research and apply artificial intelligence to medical imaging and health care. I am an Associate Scientist with the Ottawa Hospital and Region Imaging Associates, affiliated with Medical Imaging at the Ottawa Hospital. I have a Ph.D in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo--with a dissertation on transparent AI for health care. I also have a Masters degree in Math (Computer Science) and Bachelors degree in Engineering.

My research interests include: optimal and explainable performance measures, data set quality in image processing, understanding deep and shallow learning, explainable and equitable AI, and the application of AI to health care for lung, breast and skin cancer detection, heart disease and syncope.

I have used many different methods, platforms and programming languages for artificial intelligence, image processing and health informatics. This includes, for example, deep and shallow neural networks, support vector machines, hidden Markov models with conditional random fields, Gaussian processes, random forests, autoencoders, gradient boosted machines, maximum variance unfolding, anisotropic diffusion, k-means clustering, etc.